Who am I?

Or why should you care?

Srinath Krishna Ananthakrishnan


Welcome to my website.

The Internet is vastly different from how it was 10 years ago and is rapidly changing. I remember starting to blog about, 15 years ago with no real purpose, but frankly most content on the Internet has no real purpose either. Although, some content is useful for some folks and a prudent reader would first check if the said content is useful prior to gorging on the information. Hence I intend to use this space to introduce myself and also make a case of why this blog might or might not be useful.

I’m Srinath, and I am a programmer by trade. In addition to solving problems with Computers, I also dabble with Music, mostly Indian Music and I’m a trained Indian classical vocalist. I’m interested in learning about culture and philosophy as well, with Stoicism being my most recent find. I’m always on the lookout for improving myself to make myself a better human. I love good humor too and I’ve played a small part in acting in a couple of humor dramas with a bunch of friends in the bay area.

I don’t consider myself too political although I despise bigotry and in general inequity. I value transparency and always strive to learn more about the world around me and be more tolerant to everyone around me. I deeply believe that you can have differing opinions and still be respectful of a fellow human.

So if you’re interested in anything in the above blob of mess, do follow me. Conversely, you can reach out to me through the many links on this page.